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Free Play Slots

The online Casino industry has brought many new casino features, including new slots, new themes, additional bonus features, higher payout rates, and much more. One of the biggest benefits includes free play options that allow you to check out the games with their actual payout rates and rewards as you would with real money games. This means you get to trigger everything as you would with the real game.

These slots are widely available and can be played without downloading special software, creating accounts, or funding a casino account. Most only casino game developers have made this possible for all their games, including slots, table games, some have even made it possible for live dealer games. However, as we all know, slots are the primary focus for most players as they present an entertaining gaming experience, huge bonuses, various winning opportunities and many betting options. In this article, we look at some of the benefits presented with Free Play Slots and just how accurate they are when it comes to the payouts and features of the games. 

Free Play Slot Features

Below, we have created a range of benefits and what they allow you to do. Once you’ve gone through the points, you will know what to expect from these games and why you should try them out before wagering real funds on the game.

  • New Slots – Free Slots include all the latest titles as well. By the time online casinos have the game, the free variant of it will also be available, allowing players to check out the theme, betting options, bonus features, and rewards. You can play the game as well, which includes the same symbols, bonus games, and everything else the game entails.


  • Progressive Jackpot Slots – Progressive jackpot slots are also available with free play options. This includes the jackpot activation feature. This means the bonus feature used to activate the progressive jackpot or the combination required can also be reached within the free play version. Players can activate this bonus or combination in free play, but unfortunately, the jackpot will only be awarded when real money play. However, the benefit of this is that you can see how everything works and what type of winnings are available during the rest of the game.


  • RTP and Payouts – Free play slots offer the exact same RTP and payouts as the real money game. For example, the random number generator used in real money slots are also applied to free slots, making them exactly the same as real money slots. This means playing the game for free would have resulted in the exact same rewards and winnings as the free version. Keep in mind that the rate is always shifting and would increase payouts or decrease them at complete random.


  • Bonus Games – While player free slots, you can also activate bonus games, free spin features, and everything else the game has to offer. The bonuses and winnings thereof are the same as the regular real money slot, and they will activate as regularly as the regular game would have.


  • Betting Options – The bet values at the bottom of the screen are also exactly the same as that of the real money game. This means you can actually come up with strategies when it comes to betting and test them on the free version of the game before playing for reach cash. Games that include bet levels or additional feature bets will also be presented in these free games and offer the same benefits and bonuses as the real slot would.


  • Mobile Slots – These free games are also accessible with mobile phones such as tablets and smartphones. Simply access the site on your device, select your game, and turn the phone or tablet to landscape for a full-screen experience. Once again, all the features, bonuses, winnings, progressive jackpot information, and everything else about the game is exactly the same as the real money variation. The mobile options include fewer games than PC as developers have no made all their games available for mobile. However, all the latest slots from all developers can be accessed with mobile options, which include excellent graphics and easy to use touch screen betting options.