Kickoff Slot Review designed on soccer football sports, the slot machine Kickoff from Review Slots online slot machine Kickoff reviewed by Review Slots

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Kickoff video slot machine Review

Kickoff review by Mark Johnson August 15, 2017

When creating a review for an online video slot like Kickoff, we take into consideration quite a bit of data. Mainly we show that the game has 1 pay lines along with 3 reels. Watching this soccer football sports set online slot machine displays its work in design with numbered soccer balls 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, and also Kickoff drives it home with putting you right in there. Starting to play Kickoff you are given the choice of playing for a minumum of $0.10 on a spin. Going further you also can include all 1 lines to up a bet to the max of $100. A huge pay out will have a few wilds on Kickoff in the winning combinations. The scatter icons utilized in Kickoff are special, these gold soccer balls are not required to appear on a single to win. It usually is a bad thing when your starting reels don't match up but there is always an opening of winning big with the scatter grouping. We point to other games like Kickoff as it has 1 lines also, some others like Haunted Hospital and are enjoyable as well. Many of Wazdan online slots like this one interact the same so play some other slots as well.

Overall opinion on Kickoff

We really loved playing Kickoff, the soccer football sports produced online slot offers some good amount of work that places you inside the Game Showing the numbered soccer balls 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 icons and sounds. This is a slot that kept my interest for a very long time as I was playing it.

Bonus round description from Kickoff video slot

Playing Kickoff gives you an unique ability to win enormous amounts of money, to do this get a slot bonus game win. Following is info on the bonuses you can win. Get the player collecting 3 gold balls on the bottom line of the matrix table. This will launch the Horizontal bonus Game. To begin the Vertical bonus Game, started by getting the player collecting 5 gold balls vertically on the matrix table. I am pretty sure you know that like most casino bonus rounds, the Kickoff feature offers a shot to score a fat win. The ability that it is possible to win so much more than bet is a great part of bonus features.