Fluo Party Slot Review Review of Fluo Party online slot full of screen captures on Review Slots developed by Espresso Games

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Fluo Party video slot machine Review

Fluo Party review by Mark Johnson October 11, 2017

While reviewing a new slot such as Fluo Party, we must take into consideration there are many different items we have to convey. We take note that the video slot machine has 20 pay-lines along with 5 game reels. To my joy this disco music themed video slot brings hours of play by incorporating symbols including woman with glasses, women and headphones. Along with these you will see ace, king, queen, jack and ten raising the level of experience of this simple but good disco music online slot. Offering bets of $0.01 all the way up to $200, this Espresso Games powered game provides more than enough levels of play. We suggest other online games like Tutti Frutti as it has 20 lines as well, some others including Underwater and Better Sound are fun also. Many of Espresso Games online games like Fluo Party interact the same so play some others as well.

Final thoughts on Fluo Party

Fluo Party is a neat slot machine, the disco music design is well thought out and the game play is exciting. Other slots like Bubble Rama share in much of the same game play. This is one of those slots that kept my interest for a very long time as I was playing it.

The Fluo Party bonus round

We believe the slot bonus round piece of Fluo Party is very good. On my Slot Reviews we like to wrap up with the best parts to focus on like these great bonus games. If you like big sums of riches, the DJ Fluo Wheel Feature would come across to have been placed for you. It's as easy as getting landing the DJ deck symbol anywhere on reel 3 for a great time. To begin the Drinks on the House bonus Game, triggered by getting collecting five drink tickets during DJ Fluo Wheel feature. The Bet Multiplier is launched once you achieve landing on a multiplier during the DJ Flou Wheel feature, this exciting add on in my findings seems to pay out very good. A Wild Reel is triggered by getting landing on a wild reel during the DJ Flou Wheel feature, this extra element appears to produce not as well as other slots. If you appreciate big fat pay outs, the Spin Bonus would come across as it was created for you. Simply get landing on a spin bonus during the DJ Flou Wheel feature for a great win. I am pretty sure you realize that like most casino bonus rounds, the Fluo Party feature offers a shot to get your credits on the positive. Bonus rounds add a lot of diversity to video slots, this is obviously the best piece of Fluo Party.