Atlantis Slot Review Atlantis is an awsome 3 reel video slot with 1 lines.

Atlantis video slot machine Review

Atlantis review by Mark Johnson April 8, 2018

Consistently creating a review for an online slot such as Atlantis, we must take into consideration many things. We point out that the game has 1 paylines as well as 3 reels. Game art such as pearls, sea horse and single bar completely brings out the main ocean discovery theme. Backed up by double bar, triple bar and Gold chest we give this Microgaming produced slot 5 out of five for putting this together. Having bets from $0.25 all the way up to $10, you can be sure to find your ideal level while playing Atlantis. Other slot machines from Microgaming software like Scratch 'n' Spin, Gold Mine and Mummy Munny provide the same online video slot machine play.

Final thoughts on Atlantis

Atlantis is a nice online slot, the ocean discovery design was well thought out and the slot play is exciting. Some other video slots like Double Wammy share in much of the identical feel. In closing we think Atlantis is a fun game with ok pays and graphics.