Penta Pay Slot Review Authentic review of Penta Pay, a 3Dice type online video slot.

Penta Pay slot machine Review

Penta Pay review by Angie Simmons April 10, 2018

This 1 pay line, 3 reel slot machine Penta Pay is really exceptional. To my joy this classic gaming theme slot delivers hours of fun by incorporating icons such as spin disc and bar icons. Along with these you will notice cherries raising the enjoyment of this nicely done classic gaming slot machine. Allowing bets of $0.10 up to $45, this 3Dice developed online slot offers many levels of play. A great big bonus of gambling with Penta Pay is the fact the slot's wild symbol 5x permits you to connect paylines with any of the many icons. This becomes really good when you can have multiple paylines using the wild spaces. Slots such as Old Glory, Double Dough and Triple Dough deliver identical online slot machine play.

Our Penta Pay Opinion

Like some other 3 reel online slots, the Penta Pay slot is neat to play. The 3Dice crew worked a lot of work to make a game this memorable experience. Using icons including cherries you can easily place yourself in the classic gaming experience. This slot is able to make me keep playing for a long time just because it is really entertaining.

The Penta Pay bonus round

The slot bonus part of Penta Pay is obviously the best part. Here are explanations on the bonuses you can win. The Ring of Riches is activated by getting 3 spin discs, this feature appears to pay out a bit on the small side. As with many features, the Penta Pay feature is where you can really achieve the insane bonus win. The opportunity that you can collect far beyond your bet is what makes bonuses something to shoot for.