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Jamaican-A-Fortune! online video slot machine Review

Jamaican-A-Fortune! review by Josh Norman February 17, 2018

While creating a review for a new slot like Jamaican-A-Fortune!, we have to consider many things. Mainly we take note that the slot machine has 1 paylines as well as 3 game reels. To my joy this classic gaming themed slot machine delivers a ton of enjoyment by showcasing icons such as Fruits and Rastafarians. Along with these you will see bags of money that delivers the final touch of this great classic gaming slot. Figuring on a bet size for Jamaican-A-Fortune! is quite simple, beginning with an initial small wager of $0.10 all the way to $10, this offers a chance for you to play at your preferred amount. We recommend other slot machines like Silver Scarab as it has the 3 reels and 1 lines also, similar slots including Fruit Salad and Gladiators Gold are fun also. As a lot of Microgaming slot machines like this one act the same so be sure to pick out a slot that you like.

Our Jamaican-A-Fortune! Opinion

Jamaican-A-Fortune! is a lot of fun to play, the classic gaming theme was well thought out and the winning is decent. Other online slots like Spectacular share a lot of the identical game play. To sum the review we think Jamaican-A-Fortune! was a good slot featuring decent pays and images.

Bonus round review from Jamaican-A-Fortune!

The bonus round piece of Jamaican-A-Fortune! is very good. In review slots online video Slot Reviews I like to end on the greatest parts to focus on such as these awesome bonus games. If you appreciate huge pay outs, the Bonus Round Feature would seem to have been produced for you. It's as easy as getting filling up the meter for a great time. I am positive you realize that like all bonus rounds, the Jamaican-A-Fortune! feature is where you can really score a big win. The chance that it is possible to win so much more than wager is what makes bonus rounds popular.