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Online Video Slots

Video slots have been the most widespread variant of casino games for many years. Slots have been around since the late 1800’s. The first machines were entirely mechanical, which required players to turn the reels by pulling a lever attached to the side of the machine. This would turn the reels that eventually came to a stop and possibly offered a winning combination. The earliest form of Video Slots consisted of only 3 reels and required a coin for each spin. 5 reel slots followed soon after in the early 1900’s, offering more reward opportunities, but still required a coin for each spin and the mechanical lever on the side.

The first video slots were introduced in 1976 by Fortune Coin Co, which is known as gaming giant IGT today. The video slot was developed and California, but became famous in Las Vegas only 2 years later. The new addition to the slot industry granted the introduction of small bonus features and various themes as earlier games simply offered classic symbols and the most impressive features were wilds on only some machines.

In 1994 the slots commerce once again took an enormous leap forward as online slots were created by Microgaming. This presented a new way for casino to provide gaming opportunities, including more games, multiple developers, online casino bonuses, and much more. Only 3 years later, in 1997, the first-second screen bonus feature became available, allowing players to enjoy reward opportunities with what would eventually become pick me bonuses, Free Spin features with added benefits, progressive jackpot bonus games, and much more. 

Slots of the 21st Century

With an exciting history as mentioned above, the trade simply had no limit moving forward, of which developers took full advantage and created highly inspiring features, benefits, and themes for all to enjoy both online and at brick and mortar Casinos. Today, slot enthusiasts can appreciate multiple gaming options that differ in themes, rewards, bonus features, jackpots, wagering options, and more. This making it a lot more exciting, especially with the addition of online casinos presenting platforms from multiple developers, of which each have their own way of giving players impressive benefits. 

What Video Slots Bring to the Table

Exciting and vibrant Themes

Themes have become the most important aspect of any video slot as it attracts players irrespective of the bonus features, reels, and pay-line amount, which only come into consideration when opening the game. Therefore, developers have expanded on the range of themes on offer that now includes branded themes such as movie titles, sports, music, and more. There are also various storylines to choose from that include symbols and features that represent the theme and provide a more entertaining gaming opportunity.

Wide Variety of Video Slots

The 21st century has had some of the most drastic advancements in the slot industry, including both online and offline. The range of slot types have increased and now provide a much greater variety of games to enjoy. As mentioned, earlier games only offered 3 reels, which has grown to include 5 reels later on, and some developers have now created 6 reel slots and pay-lines up to 100. Many also use the latest addition, known as ways to win, offering more possible combinations for the same low wager value.

Exciting Slot Features

Video slots were the first to include bonus features of any kind, including Free Spins and second screen bonuses. These provide an exciting additional reward that can be activated with special symbols (scatters or bonus symbols) or at random after any spin. Each video slot has their own bonus benefits that sometimes includes only a free spin bonus while other impress with multiple free spin bonuses and second screen features. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech have been recognized to provide some of the best features in video slots as they are able to include new features and benefits with most of their new releases.

Big Wins

Slots have been popular as they offer huge winnings when compared to the bet value used per spin and the possible payouts for each spin. Each symbol on the reels provide winnings that needs to appear in combinations of at least 3 in most regards. Rewards differ depending on the volitivity of the game and bonus features. Video slots with fewer bonuses usually provide higher rewards, and those with many bonuses make up for it with exciting features.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot slots at land-based casinos have been a major attraction due to the gigantic values offered. However, these games have their disadvantages as the games require a certain wager amount to qualify for the jackpot value. Online developers have changed this, allowing players to activate jackpot winnings with any bet value as long as all pay-lines are enabled. Online jackpot values are also much bigger, of which the 2013 NetEnt jackpot payout is a perfect example as it current holds a world record for the biggest progressive win at €17 million.