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Online Slot Strategy

Playing online slots can be extremely rewarding or simply drop your account balance really fast. This is due to the random number generator these games use to ensure each winning is random. Even the games from the best developers have times when they are most rewarding and less rewarding, meaning you will either win regularly with decent payouts or you will win small values, but end up making a loss. However, even with this information, there isn’t much you can do about it as there is no way of telling when the payout rate is over 100% (rewards well) and when it is under 100% (rewards small values).

There are a few things each player can do to ensure the best winnings are achieved, which little to do with the game itself, but a lot to do with how you play, paying attention to the game, your betting options, and using a better strategy to keep track of your account balance. The tips mentioned below simply provide a safer gaming opportunity depending on your own account balance and the game you play. This will simply tell you when to walk away from a game, when to switch off and try again tomorrow, or when to play the game, enjoy the winnings, but without taking advantage with higher wager amounts. We will explain each of these things to give everyone a better winning opportunity with Video Slots online. 

About Online Slots

Before we get into strategies if you are wondering what the most rewarding is between land-based and online slots, here’s the answer. Land-based Casinos have huge overhead expenses such as electric bills, staff, maintaining machines, and much more. Online slots have less than half of those expenses, allowing online casinos to provide much higher payout rates and provide a betting gaming platform. An average land-based slot would provide payout rates of around 90% (some 85%, others 95% at the most). Online slots provide an average of 95%, depending on the developer as some provide an average even higher than that. There are very few online slots with a payout rate under 93%. 

Tips and Strategy

Here are a few of the things you need to always pay attention to when playing slots of any sort. The casino itself can also provide valuable information to finding the games with the best reward opportunities by simply visiting their terms and conditions.

  • Use Casino Information – Once you’ve joined a casino, have a look at their promotion terms and conditions. Most will explain the bonus and say that you can play all slots, “excluding” and then they would list the names. Those game names are excluded due to a higher than normal payout rate. This means the casino doesn’t want you to play those games while accepting a casino bonus as it would make it easier to reach the wager requirements. To play those games you would need to make a deposit without accepting a casino bonus of any sort. However, still be careful as these games also have high and low reward times, but are likely to reward more often than other slots.


  • Play Within Your Budget – The idea of playing max bet with every spin is scary to most of us, especially since some developers allow players to wager up to $2,000 or more per spin. However, this is not needed whatsoever as you can still enjoy the same winnings by simply working out your bet value with your budget. Should you play with $100 or less, start each game with the minimum bet or the first value above minimum bet. This will give you an idea of how the game rewards at the moment. If winnings come in regularly and are worthwhile, increase the bet to the next level, but be sure to keep an eye on the game and decrease accordingly. Some slots are also known to provide fewer winnings before a bonus feature, so before decreasing the bet, play at least 10 spins with the current value, then decrease and spin another 10 times. Should no big win or feature have taken place, move on to the next game.


  • Play Multi-Payline slots – Classic slots can be fun and their winnings tend to be massive when you catch it at the right time. However, these games do offer smaller winnings as often as slots with 20 or 30 pay-lines. Those small winnings can help a lot to keep your account balance high while you’re waiting for the bonus to activate or for a big win.