How to Win Playing Slots How to Win Playing Slots – Tips and Strategy

How to Win Play Slots – Tips and Strategy

Playing slots to win is a great Challenge for all players. However, from time to time, you will manage that highly impressive winning or activate a bonus feature with a higher bet value, making the payout huge and so more rewarding. However, how can you choose machines that offer winnings or opportunities like that regularly, and when you win what’s the best thing to do to ensure your winnings aren’t played back to the casino?

Well, there are a few ways you can increase your winning opportunities and take advantage of the benefits each game has to offer. This will simply take a bit of time of your favourite games and some research before just playing any game. Casino slots have been designed to give players some winnings at random, but to overall make money for the casino. This is where the popular term “the Casino always wins” comes in. In this article, we look at ways to play slots and win while working around the quote mentioned above. 

Tips and Strategy

There are a number of things you need to consider before pressing the spin button on just any slot. This includes your budget, when you need to cash out, what games to look for, and of course, doing research on the slots before playing them. We like to choose about 5 slots at a time; these games need to have bonus features, and multiple pay-lines before we choose them. Once selected, we start doing quick research of the games simply to find out what they are all about and what RTP (return to player) is available. We try all 5 of the games over a period of 3 to 4 days with around 20 spins on each game. This will show you how the game performs, how rewarding the bonus features are, how often they activate, and how the rest of the rewards are. 

What You Need To Do To Win

Slots Worth Testing – There are thousands of online slots out there. To test them all would take years and a huge account balance. It’s recommended to start off with the most popular slots from well-known developers. However, while testing games, try to avoid classic slots and Progressive jackpot Slots as they provide lower payout rates than other slots with regular winnings.


  • Do Research – Research would include checking the payout rate or RTP of the game, which can be found in our slot reviews. This tells you the average rate of the game. Anything above 95% is excellent, but even above 93% is worth a try. Keep in mind that this rate in worked out over many spins and the rate will vary depending on the random number generator. The RPT is simply an average value. Once that has been confirmed, look at the bonus features on offer. Games with a huge amount of features tend to provide lower winnings during regular play as additional winnings are granted with the bonus features. Slots that only come with wilds scatters, and free spins tend to offer more winnings in the game but activate bonuses less. Both of these games are acceptable, but knowing what type of game you play will allow you to judge it accordingly. Be sure not to compare a slot with many bonuses to one that doesn’t have many; it would be better to group game types together.


  • Cashout While You’re Up – This is a difficult one, but one of the most important. Winning in any game is rewarding, but most of the time players tend to play those winning back to the casino. Set limits for yourself that tell you when to cash out. For example, should you start with $100, set a limit on $150 that forces you to cash out $50. This will once again leave you with an account balance of $100, but at least you’ve saved half already. Should you reach $150 again, cash out $60 or $70, meaning you would have taken out all the funds you’ve initially deposited, but still have a great account balance to play with. The $90 or $80 remaining in the account can be used to play again. However, now your limit also needs to drop to about $130. This means each time you each $130, withdraw $50.